Important Dates


The public is welcome to all of our program meetings.

Program meetings are at Padilla Bay Estuarine Research Reserve.
Planning Meetings are at Dakota Art Store – Mount Vernon

Sept. 6, 2018 (Thursday) 6:30-9 pm
Dakota Art Store – Mount Vernon
Creative Planning Meeting 

Oct 20, 2018 (Saturday) 11:30-3 pm
Padilla Bay
Caroline Garland will be giving an enlightening presentation of composition and critique. One involves the other. Everyone is encouraged to bring a painting or sculpture to evaluate. There will be a door prize of a Julian Plein Aire Kit donated by Caroline. It has added value in that it is one she personally used. She might even autograph it for the winner.

Caroline has a stellar background and has earned many awards throughout her career. See more about her here.

November – No meeting

Dec. 8, 2018 (Saturday) 11:30-3 pm
Padilla Bay
Christmas Party

Dates to Note

Agenda for Sept. 6 Creative Planning Meeting

  1. We need a chair for Art Bash and this meeting will be the deadline for volunteers.  It is an early deadline so we can plan a different event if there is no willing to head up Art Bash.
  2. We would like to consider a new format and content for our planning meetings.  Please attend this meeting so you can give your input and participate.
  3. We would like to select a service/fund raising project.  The board has discussed scholarships and elementary school art supplies for the summer.  The board indicated a preference for the art supplies and we would like your input before we proceed.
  4. New Business?


Also – Sharon Mecca has requested that there someone else be responsible for setting up the SA christmas party.  Sharon has been in charge for several years and is willing to help.  Please volunteer for this position.