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Featured Artists of the Month
Each month or so we feature one or more artists picked at random..

Sandra Glenn
     I have always loved the translucency and affects that watercolor allows. It’s something that no other painting medium can accomplish. Since retiring from teaching school, I am now able to pursue painting on a broader scale. When I paint, I am purely living in that moment with my attention singly focused on the piece I am working on. I think the act of painting as a meditation.
     I have lived in the Skagit Valley for over thirty-five years, and grew up on Whidbey Island. I love the natural beauty of this area, and feel very fortunate to live among all of it’s variations.
Amanda Martin
     My art specialty is creating  jewelry with natural materials and hemp, adding my artistic style to every piece. I was also fortunate, when I was around 13, to learn how to macrame. That same year I was adopted by a group of travelling artists who taught me all about selling & creating my artistic product which became my life support for many years.
     After getting married and moving in the Concrete area, I’ve continued to show and sell in local galleries and various art venues. It gives me  such pleasure to see people wearing my unique art decor. It has encouraged me to also teach others how to macramé and help them to sell their products. Check out her FaceBook page.
Sarah Dalton
I am principally a photographer. I want each piece I create to be unique and push my photographic images with digital manipulation. I use multiple photographs in most images to add texture and complexity, and to tell a more complete story about where the photograph was taken.  I then transfer my images to a substrate that enhances the story even more.  I like to use discarded materials, pieces of wood I find on the beach, things like inside of aluminum can, or textures like the surface of a cracked plaster panel or painted background.


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