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 Andy Friedlander   Website

At the end of my junior year at Earlham College in 1966 I switched my major field of study from Chemistry to Fine Arts (a major that combined visual art, music and theatre) and began my arts education in earnest. I spent the summer studying various artists – Paul Klee among them – and hours doing pen and ink drawings focusing on shape, positive and negative space and characters, both human and animal.

While my career was in the theatre – including 26 years as the director of the Drama Program at Skagit Valley College – I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the visual arts and music as well and continue to do so in retirement. I have been playing bluegrass music for the past 20 years with the Prozac Mtn. Boys and have participated in many group and several solo art shows in the past 15 years. I am a past president of Skagit Artists.

Several months ago I discovered two large folders of drawings from that summer of 1966 on a bookshelf in our study. They were my first original art works and they looked and felt like I had just completed them. I decided to devote myself to the development of the ideas and style I had begun over 50 years ago – still inspired by Paul Klee. The work is colorful, playful and both disciplined and spontaneous. I hope you enjoy them.



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