ASK – Art Supplies for Kids

Art Supplies for Kids (ASK) Program

Skagit Artists, a 501 c 3 corporation composed of local artists and crafts-persons in Skagit County, is happy to announce the start of our latest program, “Art Supplies for Kids” or ASK.  It is the goal of this program to help out local art educators as they provide art instruction to the next generation of artists.  Often instructors spend their own money to provide materials for their students, and our ASK program is an attempt to help address the inadequacy of funding for art education, although on a small, personal scale.  Skagit Artists’ ASK program will mirror the school year, beginning each year in September and running until the funds are all used.  The following points are our vision of how the program will run:

  • Money will be ear-marked for instructors to be paid up-front for a proposed art project, or reimbursed for money spent on art supplies for their students.  Money could also be used to pay for art instruction (visiting artist).
  • Applicants must be from Skagit County.  Instructors can be from public or private schools (pre-school through high school) or other organizations (i.e., YMCA, Oasis, Boys & Girls Club, etc.) and who use/used the money for classroom instruction or materials.
  • Applicants awarded money may reapply for additional funds later during the school year.
  • Applicants must apply using the form below this message telling their name, institution/organization, age or grade-level taught, and the number of students impacted by the project.  They must also include their mailing & email addresses and a phone number where they can easily be reached.

o   Applicants describe what the funds are/were used for and when it was (or will be) used

o   Applicants tell the amount requested and submit receipts (if over $50)

o   A committee of 3 Skagit Artists members will decide who should be awarded the money—based on purpose, need, number of students impacted, and amount requested

o   Either the full or partial amount requested will then be awarded

o   Money will be awarded until the fund has been zeroed-out.  Any money not used will be carried over to the next year’s program

o   Instructors will be asked to submit photos of the art projects in which the moneys were used

A check will be issued by Skagit Artists and mailed to those who have been awarded funds.

Sorry, but we are no longer taking applications for the ASK program at this time.  We have zeroed out our funds and cannot issue any award money until at some future time when we gather more donations.  Overall, ASK has donated a total of $2,702.36 to 29 applicants for an average award of $93.13.  Thank you to all our donors and applicants for making this possible.

Check back in the future to see if more money has come available.

Skagit Artists ASK Program


If you wish to donate to our ASK program, we really appreciate your help. and so do the kids!

Follow this link to go to our ASK donation page.


Examples of grants from ASK

Orris – $100.00  The supplies will be used to create original presentations tied to STEM and our Enviroments Unit. We start out the year creating solutions to real world problems and then students get a chance to pitch there ideas. Later in the year we talk about the environment and students present on a region and talk about problems and solutions.

Elizabeth – $100.00    The funds will be used to purchase foam balls, wooden sticks, paint, and paint brushes. 45 students will design and create a 3-D atom that will require team collaboration and cooperation. Each atom will represent a compound, which include protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Rachel – $48.00  To purchase tempera paints, painting paper, and watercolor paper to be used in the 2019-2020 school year with kindergarten students. I teach two groups of students, 24 in each class, and would like to integrate more art projects into the school year.

Leah – $45.00  I heard you speak at the MoNa museum while I was attending a training and was very excited about this opportunity. Madison school will be brand new this year but just because we have a brand new space doesn’t mean we have supplies. With brand new carpet and the beginning of the school year I am nervous about using liquid paint at the start of the school year with my students. I would love to get some tempera paint sticks that require know water to ensure there are no new spills on our brand new carpet(I learned this the hard way while teaching up at Harriet Rowley Elementary-another brand new school last year-OOPS!

Julie – $250.00    I am involved with the MONA program and plan to do a number of art projects with my students include a small art gallery to feature student projects. I work st a Title 1 school and have limited art supplies. A few of our projects are oil and canvas portraits, print making, class and individual books, collages and a clay project. The majority of our students have never had an opportunity to create art. Our students are mostly ELL and migrant students. Thank you for considering my school!