Annual Art Bash


Our 2019 Art Bash show will be held at the historic Carnation Building near downtown Mount Vernon. This will be an new venue for us and make our annual show better than ever. Exciting new times are ahead for us. 

Our 2018 show was a rousing success with lots of visitors and sales for the artists, and we are already looking forward to next year’s show. This is our group’s only non-juried show, which offers aspiring artists an opportunity to be involved in hanging and selling their work alongside established professionals. Art Bash features a selection of three-dimensional works in addition to two-dimensional artwork.  



Ellen Dale ~ Jewelry

Originally from Michigan, I moved to Mt. Vernon with my husband in 1990. I have always been a creative person, dabbling in different venues & mediums. For the past 21 years, much of my creativity was invested into my elementary classroom. In 2007, an artsy play date turned into a passion, for which you are now seeing the results. I work mostly with fused and recycled blown glass, to create one of a kind jewelry. My work tends to fall into the categories of organic, asian or whimsical. I’m often asked how long it takes to handcraft each item, for which I don’t have a concrete answer. I work on each piece until it “feels” right to me. They are like my children, and I love when they find good homes.

Sarah Dalton ~ Photography ~ Mixed Media

I am principally a photographer.  I am interested in reusing discarded materials and in textures.  And I want each piece I create to be unique.  I push my photographic images with digital manipulation. I use multiple photographs in most images to add texture and complexity and to tell a more complete story about where the photograph was taken.  I then transfer my images to a substrate that enhances the story even more.  I like to use pieces of wood I find on the beach or the inside of aluminum cans. Or I create a surface like a cracked plaster panel or painted a background.

Jackie DeGavia ~ Watercolors

Jacqueline DeGavia’s tranquil watercolors and oil landscapes reflect her childhood in the Canadian North woods. A working artist for most of her adult life, she finds special joy in the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. She holds a Master’s degree in Adult Education and taught for many years with special-needs students. To encourage other to “Echo Their Magic,” she wrote a booklet called Creating Simply: Create a Painting in Three Easy Steps. It is available with her paintings and note cards.

Dee Doyle ~ Acrylics, Watercolors, Encaustics, Mixed Media

 Dee teaches weekly art classes in several Senior Centers in Skagit County.  She also teaches special mixed media and encaustic workshops.  Dee demoes and shows in regional art shows and galleries.   In addition to being selected a one of the Emerging Artists for La Conner’s 2013 Art’s Alive! Show, Dee’s work has been selected for several Art Show posters, and has won awards and prizes in recent years at various art shows.

Dee says, “I am happiest when I am creating and sharing through teaching and making art. My personal artistic journey is a series of ‘what ifs’.   I choose to push the boundaries in my work, and try new ways to work the paint, whether it’s acrylics, mixed media, watercolors, or encaustics.  I enjoy I enjoy letting viewers interpret my work through their own filters and visions.  Whatever I am painting at any time is my favorite thing to paint, and it all makes me smile.”

Andy Friedlander ~ Photography

Andy Friedlander relocated to the Skagit Valley in 1984 and was immediately captured by the acres of Tulips, Daffodils and Irises.  His photography captures nature in close-up focusing on the details and providing perspectives and relationships that we often miss with the naked eye.

Caroline Garland~ Oils, Acrylics, Pastels

Caroline Garland is an award winning artist of Washington and Alaska, creating works in oil, acrylic, and pastel that reflect her appreciation of the beauty of the landscape. She pushes the limits of style to show old subjects in a new light. Her works are evocative and energizing. She lived most of her life in Alaska painting en plein air and in studio. Her work hangs in public buildings, as well as being part of juried museum and touring exhibits. She now lives in Anacortes, Washington and is a member of the Northwest Pastel Society. She has received a number of awards and commissions, including the Alaska State Council of the Arts 2% for Art, Artist in Residence, and Individual Artist Study Grant. Although largely self taught, she has studied with master pastel artist Bill McEnroe, painters Roz Farbush, Patti Raab, and Mike Svob.

Sandra Glenn ~ Watercolors

I have always loved the translucency, and affects that watercolor allows. It’s like no other painting medium can accomplish. Since retiring from teaching school, I am now able to pursue painting on a broader scale. When I paint, I am purely living in that moment. My attention is singly focused on the piece I am working on. I think the act of painting as a meditation.

I have lived in the Skagit Valley for over thirty-five years, and grew up on Whidbey Island. I love the natural beauty of this area, and feel very fortunate to live among all of its variations.

Abi Gomez ~ Acrylics, Mixed Media

Abi Gomez is a contemporary self-taught painter. Who mainly works with acrylics, but also enjoys experimenting and combining different mediums as well as trying different techniques to make her art. Abi Gomez has been painting since a very young age and growing up in Skagit County her work is inspired by her surroundings, from the patterns and formations of mountains to the far fields. Her current work is all about deconstructing these landscapes into more abstracted compositions.

Abi has had the opportunity to display her art at the Allied Arts where she has been a member and Jensen Arts Center, but most of her work has been displayed through social media where she has been a part of many events such as The Handmade Pop Up and 30 in 30 and many alike. Her work is all about the invitation to engage, to feel, and explore.

Margaret Horak ~ Watercolors

This work is a collection of traveling art, by that I mean, this is what I do on vacation.

Portugal and Key West, FL were important trips we made. Such lively, colorful places, so rich in history.  Each of these pieces of art bring back the memory of these places: the sights, sounds, smells and people.

Margaret is a member of the Urban Sketchers, Anacortes Sketchers group, Skagit Artists and The Painted Ladies (a watercolor group). She plans to continue her lifelong passion of artistic discovery through painting and music. Look for Margaret on Facebook (@marghhorak) and on Instagram (@marghorak)


Ron King ~ Mixed Digital Media

Ron King ran a successful portrait and wedding photography business for many years. In 1995, Ron developed an interest in adapting the computer for use in his photography business, first restoring old photos, retouching and enhancing images, and began his pioneering experiments in the artistic side of the medium. He created popular, creative artistic additions to his portrait and wedding photography business, always striving to add extra impact to their images. In 2007 Ron closed his photography business and sought new adventures.

Then, in 2016, Ron took his artistic endeavors in a new direction, drawing on skills developed during his photography years, and began creating a body of art that is the unknown just beyond the familiar.

Linde Husk ~ Acrylics

Linde Husk is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and artist. Once upon a time she worked as a Design Lead for such companies as Amazon, Nebula, and Oracle. She can be found in the her native Skagit Valley drinking wine, practicing her mandolin, building her own products and websites, painting and generally just hanging out.

Sheila Johnson ~ Photography

Sheila’s serene style re-imagines the subtle beauty of the natural objects to tell a new story with assemblage. Her work in photography is emerging.

Recently relocating from Florida, her work has been acquired at Art by the Sea at the Vero Beach Museum of Art, Art on The Island – a 3-D exhibition, Treasure Coast Bird and Nature Art Show, and other regional shows.

Rick Klauber ~ Stone Art

Rick Klauber collected rocks in the deserts of California as a youth, and his fascination
with beautiful stones and an early introduction to woodworking has morphed into his development as a wood carving artisan with an eye for viewing stones.  He has collected stones from Southeastern Alaska to as far south as Peru.  A viewing stone is a small scale representation of a much larger world. The natural unaltered stone is placed in a hand carved wooden base. The art form allows Rick to enjoy the out of doors, work wood to enhance the presentation of natural stone and bring it indoors for the enjoyment of others.

Lou Ann Knutzen

Lou Ann, a native of Skagit County, began painting when her children were growing up, and has studied with many regional and nationally-known artists, including Carol Orr, Marilyn Samandle, Jan Kuntz, John Ringen, Tony Couch and more.  They have all had an influence and helped create the style that Lou Ann now enjoys.  Her paintings are in galleries through the Valley as well as in private collections across the west.  She has helped organize art groups and is on the board of Burlington Library Arts, Burlington Arts Council, Skagit Valley Pioneer Association and is currently active in several regional art groups.  A seasoned traveler, Lou Ann has seen many parts of the world, but her favorite place to paint is in her own backyard, in Skagit Valley.

Birgit La Face ~ Acrylics

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed drawing and painting. In school my favorite subject was always art.  I grew up in a small town in Sweden, and in my early twenties, I spent a year in Paris studying French. I loved visiting all the wonderful art museums there.  My favorite artists were the Impressionists. Over time, raised a family, took some art classes, and, in 1995, I started doing pen & ink, then tole painting, followed by water-color classes, Chinese brush-painting, pastels and finally acrylic painting. I am currently taking classes from well-known Camano Island artist, Dianna Shyne, and I’m a member of two artists organizations, namely Skagit Artists and Artists Northwest in Anacortes.

Amanda Martin

As a young teenager on the streets and taken in by a group of artistic people, I was taught how to macrame with strap beads and then taught about which rocks go with other rocks, and how to help people with blood pressure, purifying, and cleansing your body help with pain and circulation I was taught this so I could feed myself without stealing or causing trouble I have been making hemp macrame since I was 13 years old.  When I moved to Marblemount, I found my passion, and started making jewelry again. I combined all I learned and added a new flare of style I hope you enjoy.

Sharon Mecca ~ Acrylics, Watercolors, Mixed Media

Sharon Mecca has been a resident of Washington State most of her life and moved to Anacortes upon retirement.   Although art was a favorite class in school she went on to business college and then to marriage, family, and a varied career in the music and business worlds.  Throughout those years she was able to take an occasional watercolor workshop and hoped that someday she would be have more time to play.

Sharon joined a local group of artists, “Artists Northwest,” and began to take one or two workshops each year.  Sharon has continued with watercolors but has also added acrylics and collage.  Her land and seascapes have been shown at various venues throughout Skagit County.  She has also participated in some Skagit Studio Tours and Art Bash Shows (in conjunction with the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival) and is a member of Skagit Artists and Artists Northwest.

Donna Nevitt-Radtke ~ Oils, Acrylics

Using an impressionistic impasto style each painting challenges me in my quest to push the boundaries and blur the lines between representational an abstraction. I find it fun and exciting as it unfolds on my canvas.

Ron Radtke ~ Wood Turning

My passion is blending contemporary and natural shapes.  An interaction between me and a piece of living tree, letting me sculpt visual and tactile art.  Working with wood, many times the shape comes once I have started carving, turning and finishing the piece.

Pat Sayre ~ Acrylics, Mixed Media

Pat Sayre at is a self-taught artist who has been painting most of her adult life. Using acrylic paints, she incorporates collage and texture with color studies, portraying nature in the form of mountains, flowers, trees, and birds. She loves to showcase her artistic ability by experimenting with rice paper, found objects, and layers of color, often using a palate knife to add dimension.

Marcel Schwarb ~ Oils, Acrylics

Early on Marcel was inspired by artists such as Albert Handell, Wolf Kahn, Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud and Kevin Macpherson.  He began his art career with the pastel medium; taking a marking stick in hand to draw an impression, but with bold and vivid color.  Marcel now paints mostly in oils and acrylics to achieve the strokes and texture he desires.  His approach reflects his architectural background and appreciation for the fundamentals of good design.  Marcel’s work is representational/impressionistic and semi-abstract; he likes to explore all avenues of the subject matter and always looks for a unique point of view when approaching a painting.  He is also guided by his passion for the beauty of landscapes and man made structure in harmony with each other.

Jill Whitmore

My art is about communicating the joy and love that I have for the wilderness, inside and out, and the desire to touch the hearts of those who view and purchase my work.

I am endlessly inspired by the elements and love portraying varying combinations of them through color, texture and light.  My work is portrayed in kiln fired glass and multi-media abstract paintings incorporating glass.  Art runs in my family.  My father, grandfather and great uncle were all well-known visual artists.  My three decades creating art took me from Seattle to Ojai and Santa Barbara, CA., then to La Veta, CO., where I had a gallery for years.  I  returned  to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2016 and  now have a gallery on Camano Island. My Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington is in Comparative Religions, emphasizing art in world architecture.